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Kenzie Finds Her Spark

Returning to school after the weekend can be challenging for everyone, but for Kenzie*, it was more than just a case of “the Mondays.” She started each week in tears and struggled to enter her classroom. The Student Support Coordinator met with Kenzie’s teacher and school counselor to discuss the situation. Together they made a plan to help Kenzie transition back into school each week.

On Monday morning, Kenzie meets the Student Support Coordinator in the “Groom Room” before she goes to class. They call it “girl time,” and Kenzie loves it. Kenzie is the only girl in her home, and “girl time” is a chance to talk about her feelings and learn how to style her long, curly hair. When Kenzie leaves for class, she is physically and emotionally prepared to learn. Kenzie’s teacher reports that Kenzie is more engaged in class, and her dad is overjoyed to see his daughter thriving in school.

*Name has been changed, and a stock photo used, to protect the student’s identity.


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