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SparkWheel Receives $3,250 Grant from 79 Fund of the Emporia Community Foundation

EMPORIA, KS - SparkWheel is thrilled to announce the receipt of a generous grant totaling $3,250 from the 79 Fund of the Emporia Community Foundation. This grant will support the sponsorship of the Integrated Student Supports (ISS) model benefiting Emporia Public Schools, with a focus on Logan Avenue Elementary, Walnut Elementary, William Allen White Elementary, and Emporia High School.

The SparkWheel Integrated Student Supports model, rooted in the evidence-based framework, aims to address both academic and non-academic needs of students, ultimately fostering a sense of well-being and enhancing overall success in school. Through this initiative, SparkWheel aims to overcome barriers to learning and improve regular school attendance rates.

"At SparkWheel, our mission is to provide comprehensive support to students and families, ensuring every child has the opportunity to thrive academically and personally," said Noelle Haselhuhn, Communications Manager at SparkWheel. "We are incredibly grateful to the 79 Fund of the Emporia Community Foundation for their generous support, which enables us to further our mission and positively impact the lives of students in Emporia."

The grant from the 79 Fund of the Emporia Community Foundation aligns with their mission to connect caring individuals with causes that enhance the quality of life within the Emporia area, including Chase, Coffey, Greenwood, Lyon, Morris, Osage, and Wabaunsee counties. Specifically, the 79 Fund Committee prioritizes initiatives that contribute to the long-term well-being of children in the Emporia community.


About Emporia Community Foundation

The mission of the Emporia Community Foundation (ECF) is to connect caring people with causes that build stronger communities within the Emporia area which includes Chase, Coffey, Greenwood, Lyon, Morris, Osage and Wabaunsee counties. The ECF connects the diverse citizens and communities of Lyon and its six contiguous counties through the charitable actions of a variety of funds established for the purpose of bettering the lives of individuals within its communities. Learn more at


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