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A group of students in a circle, looking down into the camera and using their fingers to make the shape of  a spark.


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Join us in igniting the spark for more than 30,000 students each year!

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Every day, students are struggling with their education due to lack of food, school supplies, and even homelessness. We believe that ALL students deserve to succeed in school, and we are here to eliminate challenges standing in their way.

Here is how you can help.

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Meet Some of Our Students

A young native girl smiles with a female family member.

Despite facing unimaginable loss, Tavia remains determined to succeed academically. On December 14, 2023, she tragically lost her dad, AJ, her biggest supporter and best friend.

SparkWheel Student Support Coordinator Clarissa says, "I talked with her, and she was surprised I understood the pain. She said, 'How do you know this?' We joked about me being her therapist. I said, 'I'm not a therapist, but I will always be here for you to talk to, vent to, cry in front of. My room is your safe space.'"

Tavia has the support she needs to stay strong.
A female student support coordinator and her younger student make silly faces.

Tato is sweet, fun, and always so polite! He loves art, where he gets to draw little characters that he makes up stories for. Outside of school, he likes to play Fortnite and Roblox with his friends. When he grows up, he’d like to be an artist or an astronaut!

Tato loves SparkWheel because he gets to take the breaks he needs from class, he gets mints as a reward when he is working hard and having a good day, and his Student Support Coordinator is very kind.

Tato is able to get the breaks he needs from class.
A high school aged caucasian girl has her arm propped on the shoulder of an adult hispanic man. She is smiling and he has his arms crossed with a slight smile.

Lily is unsure what she wants to do after graduating, but she's starting with heading to college! Lily has enjoyed her time with SparkWheel and her Student Support Coordinator, Mr. Kelly. Attending college fairs and resume-building workshops, volunteering at the local Harvesters, and putting together backpack snacks for elementary students all highlight her time with the program. Lily says, "Mr. Kelly is great. He has been involved with my whole high school career and has always been there for me and my friends when we had questions or needed help. One of the biggest things he helped me with was preparing for my job at PHAT SHACK. He has been like a big uncle and is always someone I can count on."

Lily is graduating high school and on her way to college.
A high school student stands with his student support coordinator. The studnet support coordinator is smiling.

Cam is entering his third year with SparkWheel and has experienced immense growth. In one instance, Cam had a potential issue with another student that could have escalated quickly into a physical confrontation. Instead, Cam came to Student Support Coordinator Craig's office and asked him to mediate between him and the other student. 

Cam says, "The conversations that I'm able to have with Mr. Craig are very helpful. Mr. Craig is a great person to speak to, not just if you are having a difficult time or an issue. I feel like Mr. Craig really listens, and I appreciate that."

Cam has reduced his tardies
by 90%.
A female student support coordinator with glasses smiles to the camera with the male student she is helping. He is wearing a red hoodie and also smiling warmly.

"Kaiden has come so far since joining my program," said his Student Support Coordinator, Winter. "He has not only shown incredible growth in his behavior in school, but he spends countless hours with me during the week to be sure he stays on top of his grades." He has worked really hard to rebuild relationships with his teachers, school staff, and peers in the building and has also shown a ton of growth at home. Both his mom and dad have expressed immense gratitude to SparkWheel and school admin for taking the time to give their kids another chance. "Kaiden has not let us down," said Winter. His teachers said, "Kaiden is so respectful, never gives me any trouble, and has really been trying in class. It's so nice to see."

Kaiden is no longer having behavior issues.
A high school student poses with her student support coordinator. They are both smiling.

She does such an amazing job juggling everything she has on her plate. She is a high school senior and mom and, last year, found her way back to the cheer squad.

Keandra's favorite subject in school is ceramics. Outside of school, she loves to spend time with her son. When Keandra graduates, she wants to be a cosmetologist.

Her favorite thing about SparkWheel is how willing they are to help anyone in need. Her favorite thing about her Student Support Coordinator, Dara, is how helpful and happy she is all the time. Keandra says, "She pushes me to be my best."

Keandra is doing a great job balancing school and motherhood.

Be the Spark!

The return is immeasurable when you invest your time or resources with SparkWheel. Our services work---but only if donors, volunteers, staff, and community partners work together to help make it happen.

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