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In our SparkWheel Tribal Program, we work with Tribal governments and other community partners to incorporate cultural education, events and activities focused on helping students grow in connection to their Native heritage—all while working to address gaps in services and removing barriers to success. We also support both Tribal Education Departments and public-school Indian Education Departments in Tribal Consultations.

With SparkWheel, students are more able to attend school regularly and in the best conditions to support learning. 

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All five schools in Anadarko Public Schools in Anadarko, OK, partner with SparkWheel. In addition to a strong partnership with Anadarko Public Schools, we work closely with the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes education department, the National Indian Education and other Tribal governments in Southwest Oklahoma.

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Bring SparkWheel to Your School

Contact Misty to learn more and schedule an introductory meeting.

Misty Boettger, MLS

Sr. Director of Tribal Programs Expansion

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How It Works

SparkWheel's program is customizable for every community and school. Each school year, our Student Support Coordinators conduct a School Review, which evaluates current needs and resources. Then, they work with school personnel to develop a customized School Engagement Plan. This ensures our work fills gaps in existing resources and does not duplicate existing resources within the school.

Throughout the school year, Student Support Coordinators split their time working individually with case-managed students, holding small groups for students with similar needs, and providing school-wide supports. We monitor progress towards student goals at each grading period and make adjustments to make adjustments to support ongoing success.


Finally, we analyze our work at the end of each school year, reflecting on what works and what doesn’t.  Our data-driven model delivers one of the most significant chances of success for the students we serve.





School Engagement Plan


Deliver Integrated Student Supports


Annual Evaluation

S5 E4: Theresa Plata, Student Support Coordinator, Anadarko East Elementary

SparkWheel sat down with Theresa Plata, Student Support Coordinator at Anadarko East Elementary School, as she shares the story of her journey as a foster parent and SparkWheel staff member.

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Let’s get started!

Contact us to learn more and schedule an introductory meeting 

Anadarko Schools Sing SparkWheel Praises: 

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Our Student Support Coordinator is here for the kids and their families...and she understands the high school's need to make contact with our community.

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High School Teacher

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Our Impact


schools across Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Iowa


students receiving individual support supports


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