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FutureNow: Finance?

FutureNow: Finance is an exercise that helps students understand some of the “realities” involved in preparing for an employable future and adulthood. Students will have the invaluable experience of managing finances for a month as a 26-year-old adult.


At FutureNow: Finance, students receive an adult scenario based on a survey they have completed before the event. The scenario includes marital status, number of children, career field, and net monthly income (based on choice of career field and current GPA).


The students use that information to determine their monthly payments and balance their budgets. Students visit various booths to “purchase” housing, transportation, communication services, child care, food, utilities, insurance, etc. They are also be able to save money, give to charity, and learn about unexpected things that affect daily life (e.g., accidents, unexpected visitors, flat tires).

FutureNow: Finance helps students become aware of their needs for basic skills in financial planning, goal setting, decision-making, and career planning. FutureNow: Finance motivates students to stay in school as well as avoid drugs and teen pregnancy.


of teens believe they will be earning "plenty of money" when they are on their own


teens predict this will be their average salary based on their career interests


of teens consider themselves knowledgable about how to budget money


of teens think they know how to pay bills
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FutureNow: Finance In Action

What Students Say about FutureNow: Finance

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Stuff is not cheap. A lot of things were more expensive than I expected. I learned about expenses and how to wisely spend money.

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