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Our Programs

Through SparkWheel’s Integrated Student Supports framework, we help support students’ academic and non-academic needs, resulting in an increased sense of well-being and greater success in school.

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Our Model

The SparkWheel Integrated Student Supports model is evidence-based, helping students and families overcome challenges that hinder learning or prevent students from attending school regularly. We customize services for every school, placing a Student Support Coordinator in each location to provide supports for individual students, as well as supports accessible by the whole student body.  

SparkWheel Model of Integrated Supports
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How We Help

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Our Impact


schools across Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Iowa


students receiving individual support supports


students receiving support

Who We Serve

We serve schools and students across their educational journey—from early childhood through college.

Bring SparkWheel to Your School

Contact our program office to learn how SparkWheel can help you and your students improve outcomes. 

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SparkWheel in Action


“Our coordinator is the best there is! She helps all the kids in every way possible. Whatever they need, she provides!”

Middle School Teacher


“Our Student Support Coordinator is amazing at utilizing the resources we have available in our community. Her ability to help families, organize events for our students, and serve our most needy students is impressive. I am so thankful to have her as a part of our school community.”

Elementary School Principal


“The thing I appreciate most is the lengths SSC will go to give our students the support they need. Whether it is putting on events or driving students miles and miles out of town to get a dental issue taken care of, we can count on her to be there for our students.”

High School Principal

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