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It takes more than a desire to improve student outcomes; it takes work and the resources to do that work. With your support, we can reduce challenges and enable students to focus on learning rather than non-academic obstacles. 


Together, we ignite success and fuel dreams.

Site Sponsorships

The Site Sponsorship Program provides businesses with the opportunity to invest in their local SparkWheel program by contributing financial support to a specific school (i.e. site) within their community. In doing this, the business becomes the “Site Sponsor” and will receive certain benefits and perks. Site Sponsorships are $5,000 per site.

Kansas City Sponsorships

SparkWheel serves more than 4,100 students in the Kansas City Metro area schools. Sponsorships are available to support this work while helping us reach more students! Kansas City Sponsorships start at $5,000 for a Site Sponsorship and go up to $50,000 for multi-year commitments. All sponsors receive benefits and perks above and beyond helping students.

Become a Sponsor!

Contact our Development Department to get more information on our sponsorship opportunities.

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Why Sponsor

Students across our network face overwhelming challenges outside of
the classroom. Youth in our community experience food and housing insecurity.
Many have inadequate access to physical and mental health care. Additional personal and systematic issues make it difficult to succeed in school. Challenges like these can
seem insurmountable, leaving students hopeless and increasing their risk of dropping out.

That is why our support model is built to overcome these challenges, igniting student success so that they can thrive. At SparkWheel, we see potential in every student, and we are committed to helping them see it too.



Current Sponsors

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