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Tasha Fridia, J.D.

Tasha Fridia, J.D.

Board Member

Tasha R. Fridia, Pejuta Cangleska Win (Sacred Medicine Circle Woman) is an enrolled member of the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes and is Kiowa, Caddo, and Hunka Oglala Lakota. Ms. Fridia makes her home in Porcupine, SD on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation. Tasha holds a BA from the University of Oklahoma, MA-HR Development from Webster University, and a Juris Doctorate with a certificate in American Indian Law from Oklahoma City University School of Law. Tasha interweaves her traditional knowledge and western education throughout her work.

As the National Director of Tribal Programs, she collaborates with tribal communities across Indian Country to implement the Friends of the Children mentoring model utilizing a culturally grounded approach. As owner of Fridia consulting, Tasha assists in policy development, code drafting, and lobbying for numerous tribes and organizations. Ms. Fridia works with various entities whose focus range from education equity to tribal economic development in hopes to further affect positive change in her community and beyond. Ms. Fridia is an American Express NGEN Fellow, a recipient of the 40 under 40 in Indian Country award, member of Native Leadership Oklahoma Class of 2020, and the inaugural class of Advance Native Political Leadership Training Program. Tasha donates her time serving on numerous boards.

Tasha is the legacy of many generations of activist and advocates dedicated to political, policy, and systems change. She strives to make her ancestors proud in everything she undertakes. Her most important job and greatest legacy is passing on the teachings of her grandmother Frances Wise, to her daughters Isabella and Kennedy. Tasha serves as a mentor to many others and is dedicated to the strength and wellness of the future generations. With every opportunity and position Tasha seeks to find ways to share what she has learned for the betterment of all Native people.

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