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Communities In Schools of Mid-America Announces New Direction: SparkWheel

LAWRENCE, KS - Communities In Schools of Mid-America (CIS of Mid-America) announced today that it will begin operating under the new name SparkWheel on July 1, 2023, as it separates from the national non-profit, Communities In Schools. SparkWheel will continue to provide integrated student support services, while expanding its programs.

Over the past 12 months, CIS of Mid-America has completed an extensive evaluation of the organization’s program and impact strategies, brand identity, and growth projection. Results from these evaluations led the group to make its decision to disaffiliate from Communities In Schools and instead, provide services and programs based on the National Integrated Student Supports Standards under the name SparkWheel. This decision reflects the organization’s evolution and vision for the future. The new tagline, “Igniting Student Success," expresses the mission and impact of the SparkWheel organization.

For more than 25 years, CIS of Mid-America has provided support services for students and their families, keeping them in school and helping them to succeed in life. The organization will continue to serve more than 40,000 students attending schools in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Oklahoma.

As SparkWheel, students and families will continue to receive support services to help them overcome barriers preventing them from achieving their goals. The organization will remain primarily a school-based organization; however, with the departure from the national organization, SparkWheel will continue to serve pre-K and post-secondary education, as well as provide new, exciting, original programs and services.

“Becoming SparkWheel is a major milestone for us. We are more excited than ever about our future. With our new program, we will be able expand services where they are needed and to better meet the needs of those we serve, existing and new,” said Malissa Martin, President and CEO of SparkWheel.

Victoria Partridge, Vice President of Communications for SparkWheel, said, “Our new name reflects the spark that we see in every person we help, while the wheel symbolizes the circle of support we provide.”


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