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City of Topeka Youth and Social Service Fund Awards SparkWheel $23,250 to Support Integrated Student Supports Model

TOPEKA, KS – The City of Topeka Youth and Social Service Fund has once again demonstrated its commitment to enhancing educational opportunities for local students by awarding SparkWheel a grant totaling $23,250. The grant, which marks the fourth consecutive year of support from the City of Topeka, will sponsor the implementation of SparkWheel's Integrated Student Supports (ISS) model across multiple schools in the area.

The funding will specifically benefit Ross Elementary School, State Street Elementary School, Highland Park High School, Topeka High School, and Topeka West High School. SparkWheel's evidence-based ISS model focuses on helping students and families overcome obstacles that impede learning or contribute to irregular school attendance.

"At SparkWheel, we're dedicated to ensuring that every student has the support they need to succeed academically and personally," said Noelle Haselhuhn, Communications Manager at SparkWheel. "We are incredibly grateful to the City of Topeka Youth and Social Service Fund for their continued support, which enables us to make a tangible difference in the lives of students and families in our community."

The SparkWheel ISS model is highly customized to meet the unique needs of each school, with Student Support Coordinators stationed at each location to provide individualized assistance. Additionally, SparkWheel offers support services accessible to the entire student body, fostering a positive and inclusive school environment conducive to learning and personal growth.

"Our success is not merely anecdotal; tangible results back it," added Noelle. "Last school year alone, SparkWheel provided support services for 4,631 students, with 276 receiving targeted, individualized reinforcement. These numbers underscore the effectiveness of our approach and the impact of the City of Topeka's investment in our programs."


About The City of Topeka Youth and Social Service Fund

The City of Topeka Youth and Social Service Fund, administered by the United Way of Kaw Valley, plays a vital role in supporting non-profit organizations that serve Topeka residents, particularly those with specialized needs. For more information about the fund, visit: 


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