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Making it Happen for Jamal

Jamal* is incredibly kind and humble. He started working with SparkWheel in his junior year of high school, and at that time, his situation seemed hopeless. Jamal’s home life was unstable and he was in constant need of basic provisions. His mother is disabled, so money was very limited.

Jamal felt a lot of pressure to help provide but did not know what to do. He was able to form a close bond with his Student Support Coordinator, and they started working on the soft skills Jamal would need to get, and keep, a job.

Jamal is a senior now. He is passing all his classes and is enrolled in medical courses at the local technical college. He is confident he will graduate with the skills needed to help provide for his mother.

Despite school being closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Student Support Coordinator continued communicating with Jamal and his mother to ensure they were doing well and had had their basic needs met. Jamal is still working hard in his online classes and is on track for a successful future.

*Name has been changed and a stock photo used to protect student privacy


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