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Parsons Area Community Foundation Awards $2,500 Grant to SparkWheel for Integrated Student Supports Program

PARSONS, KS—SparkWheel is thrilled to announce the generous gift of $2,500 received from the Parsons Area Community Foundation. This funding will play a pivotal role in sponsoring the Integrated Student Supports (ISS) model, which will benefit Parsons Middle and High Schools.

Through SparkWheel’s innovative Integrated Student Supports framework, we aim to address students’ academic and non-academic needs, foster a sense of well-being, and promote greater success in school. The ISS model is evidence-based and designed to assist students and families in overcoming challenges that may hinder learning or regular school attendance.

One of the distinctive features of SparkWheel’s ISS model is its customization to suit the unique needs of each school. This involves placing a dedicated Student Support Coordinator (SSC) in every location, ensuring personalized support for individual students as well as broader initiatives accessible to the entire student body.

"We are incredibly grateful to the Parsons Area Community Foundation for their generous support," said Noelle Haselhuhn, Communications Manager at SparkWheel. "This funding will enable us to expand our reach and make a meaningful impact on the lives of students at Parsons Middle and High Schools."

Here are a couple of success stories from our Parsons SSCs that highlight the impact of SparkWheel's programs:

Bike Donation: When Susan Hill, our SSC at Parsons Middle School, learned that a student needed a bike to commute to school, activities, and work, she took swift action. Susan contacted the Parsons Police Department, and thanks to their assistance, the student's transportation needs were promptly met.

Prom Attire Initiative: Recognizing the financial strain prom expenses can place on families, Parsons High School SSC Dara Barr-Miller launched an initiative to collect prom attire. Her efforts were met with overwhelming community support, culminating in a substantial donation of dresses, tuxedos, shoes, and accessories to local schools. This initiative eased the financial burden for many students, ensuring they could fully participate in this memorable high school experience.

About Parsons Area Community Foundation

The Parsons Area Community Foundation (PACF) is a unique charity focused on local community improvement through grants and community leadership. Donors have a flexible, accountable, and impactful way to make one-time, repeat and estate-based charitable gifts. We can direct these gifts to support specific charities, a certain area of charitable interest, or to unrestricted funds used by the board for addressing identified community needs. The Foundation is governed by a board of involved citizens committed to improving local quality of life. Learn more:


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