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SparkWheel Honors Anadarko's Educational Champions with Prestigious Awards

ANADARKO, OK – SparkWheel, a nonprofit committed to dismantling barriers and nurturing an environment where every student can flourish, recently announced a series of awards recognizing outstanding educators and support staff in Anadarko.

Since 2019, SparkWheel has been extending its services to students and families in Anadarko, OK. Thanks to the unwavering support from the tribal community, SparkWheel's program has flourished, with a dedicated full-time Student Support Coordinator stationed in each school in Anadarko.

Among the honorees, LaVonda Bost of Anadarko Middle School stood out as the recipient of the coveted SparkWheel Principal of the Year award. Reflecting on the recognition, Bost expressed profound gratitude, emphasizing, “I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity each day to help students find success. Your recognition serves as a reminder of the importance of our collective efforts and the difference we strive to make daily.”

A woman holding SparkWheel's "Principal of the Year" award while smiling.
Lavonda Bost was selected as SparkWheel's Principal of the Year

Misty Boettger, SparkWheel’s Senior Director of Tribal Expansion, shares insight into Principal Bost's recognition, stating, “Mrs. Bost has been honored for her steadfast dedication, relentless support, and unwavering commitment to fostering student success.”

Additionally, teachers and support staff across Anadarko schools were celebrated for their exceptional contributions. Among the distinguished recipients are Ashley Stroud of Sunset Elementary, Caitlin Nanet and Lori Graham of East Elementary, Ruth Oliphant of Mission Elementary, Katie Cantrell of Anadarko Middle, and Chellie Mollenkopf of Anadarko High School, who were named SparkWheel Teachers of the Year. Similarly, Allecia Stephenson of Sunset Elementary, Pam Holder of East Elementary, Ronnie Birch of Mission Elementary, Lela LePointe of Anadarko Middle, and Cedric Sanchez of Anadarko High School were honored as SparkWheel Support Staff of the Year.


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