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SparkWheel Pop-Up Shop Connects PSU Students with Winter Clothing

PITTSBURG, KS – Students at Pittsburg State University received some extra support this month thanks to an on–campus program provided by the non-profit SparkWheel. SparkWheel is committed to helping students overcome barriers to reach their goals. Megan Stoneberger Johnson, SparkWheel Student Support Coordinator at Pittsburg State University (PSU), has worked with PSU students since August 2023. She states, "I had some students come to me seeking warm winter clothing. At the time, I did not have what they needed, so I reached out to my network to get some things donated and had an overwhelmingly generous response." Due to this response, she hosted a two-day pop-up shop.


"I hoped to meet students' winter clothing needs, including coats, gloves, and professional attire for interviews or internships. With the pop-up shop, I wanted to connect students in need with the generosity of our campus and community members who stepped up to provide coats, gloves, suits, ties, and more for Pitt State students. I also hoped the event would help students learn more about SparkWheel and the service we provide on campus," said Stoneberger Johnson. "The event was a great success. We connected 93 students with 214 clothing items, including 13 winter coats. It was clear by the turnout that there really is a need on campus."


When asked about hosting similar events in the future, Stoneberger Johnson said, "Luckily, I now have a supply of clothing that I can provide students with throughout the year. Students who need clothing for an interview or who need a coat for winter--or any other clothing need--can stop by my office any time, and I will work to fulfill their needs. Considering the turnout at the pop-up shop, perhaps this is an event that should be repeated in the future."


For more information on SparkWheel's programming at Pittsburg State University, please visit


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