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SparkWheel provides resources for students at Guadalupe Centers High School and Frontier School of

Written by Erin William from Kansas City's Northeast News

Spark Wheel is an organization built “in the quest for success in academics and life” for “many students [who] face daunting obstacles with limited resources” according to their website. For students who attend Frontier School of Innovation Middle School or the Guadalupe Centers High School, by speaking with the Spark Wheel Student Support Coordinator, they may be given assistance with academic materials and more.

At each school they work with, Spark Wheel provides a support coordinator to be the main line of contact for students. As any issue or barrier to academic access arises, students should reach out to their Spark Wheel support coordinator to help resolve such issues.

At Frontier School of Innovation Middle School, Spark Wheel:

  • Supplies backpacks and other school supplies needed in the classroom

  • Provides the required school uniforms to students who get in contact with their Spark Wheel Student Support Coordinator

  • Provide a pair of shoes to students in need who contact their Support Coordinator

  • Supplies food to families struggling to purchase food after allocating a majority of their budget towards Back-to-School shopping

  • Hosts family engagement events on Saturdays including bring your laundry day, games, and more.

At Guadalupe Centers High School Spark Wheel:

  • Provides classroom essentials like backpacks, pencils, and other school supplies needed in the classroom

  • Provides students in need of clothes with a clothing closet

  • Helps with attendance support, encouraging students to attend school on a regular basis and sends letters to families of students who are not attending class

  • Provides financial assistance for extracurricular activities and graduation fees for case-managed students (ex. cleats for sports practice, etc.)

  • Assists families who are at risk of having utilities turned off; work with community partner to continue having that resource

  • Guadalupe Centers High School is partnered with Harvesters and can provide the students with food to take home

For more information on Spark Wheel, how the organization works and how it might benefit families, visit its website, Families of students who attend Frontier School of Innovation Middle School should call (816) 241-6202 and families of students who attend Guadalupe Centers High School should call (816) 471-2582 for support.

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