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SparkWheel Receives $10,000 Grant from Royals Charities to Expand Community Impact

KANSAS CITY – SparkWheel, a leading organization committed to student success, has received a generous $10,000 grant from Royals Charities, marking a noteworthy increase from the previous year's $5,000. This grant signifies the joint dedication of both SparkWheel and Royals Charities to create a positive and lasting impact in our community.

The increased funding will empower SparkWheel to enhance its programs and services, providing invaluable support to the Kansas City Metro area. The schools benefiting from this grant include Frontier School of Innovation Middle School, Benjamin Banneker Elementary School, Southeast High School, Central Middle School, Guadalupe Centers High School, Silver City Elementary School, New Stanley Elementary School, Argentine Middle School, and Crossroads Preparatory Academy.

Royals Charities, the charitable foundation of the Kansas City Royals, has been a steadfast supporter of initiatives aimed at driving game-changing impact in the Kansas City community since its establishment in 2001. The foundation's diverse contributions include supporting education and literacy efforts, promoting physical activity, providing access to youth baseball and softball programs, and uplifting veterans and military families. In 2022 alone, Royals Charities has donated an impressive $3 million, bringing their total grants to over $23 million to date.

"We are deeply grateful to Royals Charities for their ongoing commitment to our mission," said Noelle Haselhuhn, Communications Manager at SparkWheel. "This substantial grant will enable us to reach more students and families, addressing essential needs and making a meaningful difference in our community."

SparkWheel expresses heartfelt thanks to Royals Charities for their dedication to fostering positive change and enhancing the lives of individuals and families in the Kansas City area.


About Royals Charities

The Kansas City Royals and Royals Charities are committed to driving game-changing impact in our Kansas City community. Established in 2001, Royals Charities supports education and literacy efforts, promotes physical activity and access to youth baseball and softball programs, uplifts our veterans and military families, and more. To date, Royals Charities has donated more than $23 million in grants, including $3 million in 2022. Learn more at


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