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SparkWheel Releases Anthem Video: Inspiring and Igniting Student Success

LAWRENCE, KS – SparkWheel, a nonprofit dedicated to breaking down barriers and fostering a world where every student can thrive, proudly unveils its latest anthem video. Created by BowerComm, this captivating piece highlights the indispensable role of SparkWheel Student Support Coordinators in helping students overcome obstacles and seize opportunities.

"Each day, countless students wrestle with educational challenges stemming from hunger, lack of supplies, and even homelessness. At SparkWheel, we firmly believe in leveling the playing field for all learners, ensuring they have the support they need to excel," asserts Victoria Partridge, Vice President of Communications at SparkWheel.

Operating across more than 60 schools throughout the Midwest, SparkWheel is on a mission to equip every student with the resources necessary to focus on learning and achieve their dreams. This objective is realized through the deployment of dedicated Student Support Coordinators in each school, who forge meaningful connections with students, families, educators, and local partners. As a result, SparkWheel is paving the way for teachers to focus more on teaching and for students to get the most out of their education.

To discover more about our transformative work, visit and join us in creating a brighter future for every student we serve.

View the video:


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