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Topeka High School Students Spend the Day as 26-Year Olds

Topeka, KS – SparkWheel, in partnership with the United Way of Greater Topeka and Topeka Public Schools, is hosting FutureNow: Finance at Topeka High School on Wednesday, November 2, and Thursday, November 3, 2022. FutureNow: Finance is a financial literacy simulation that gives students a hands-on opportunity to pay bills and balance a budget as an adult. Students use a profile of what they think their life will look like at 26 years old and navigate through a variety of tables representing all of the expenses and income adults manage in a month. Volunteers work each table to help students understand what goes into each expense and offer guidance to students as they make decisions about how to spend their money.

This event relies on volunteer support. There will be eight sessions across the two days, and each session needs a minimum of 16 volunteers. To sign-up, individuals can go to

On Thursday, November 3, Kansas State Treasurer Lynn Rogers is coming to Topeka High School at 8:00 AM to speak to participating students.


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