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Westside Elementary School's "Lit-O-Lantern" Contest Illuminates a Love for Literacy

PITTSBURG, KANSAS - Westside Elementary School, in collaboration with SparkWheel, is thrilled to announce the launch of the "Lit-O-Lantern" pumpkin decorating contest, a creative endeavor that merges the enchantment of fall with a deep appreciation for literature.

The "Lit-O-Lantern" Concept

The brainchild of Westside Elementary's dedicated SparkWheel Student Support Coordinator, Susie Ledbetter, the "Lit-O-Lantern" contest has ignited excitement throughout the school. Each class at Westside Elementary will embark on a literary adventure by decorating a pumpkin inspired by a book they are currently reading at their grade level.

The contest serves as a unique class project, fostering teamwork, creativity, and a love for reading among students. The pumpkin decorating process will begin during the second week of October, with the goal of completing these literary masterpieces by the day before their fall celebration, which will take place on October 31.

Community Engagement and Recognition

What sets the "Lit-O-Lantern" contest apart is its community engagement component. Staff and parents will be invited to the school on Monday October 30 from 2:30-3:00 PM to view the pumpkins and cast their votes, fostering a sense of involvement and pride among students and their families. If parents cannot make it to school during that time, SparkWheel will send out a Google Doc with pictures of the completed pumpkins, allowing votes to be collected that way as well.

Celebrating Literary Achievements

The enthusiasm doesn't end there. The winning class will earn a well-deserved reward—a pizza party generously provided by SparkWheel. Additionally, every student in the victorious class will receive a smaller pumpkin to take home, a tangible reminder of their literary achievements.

A Shared Commitment to Education

This delightful contest embodies the shared commitment of Westside Elementary School and SparkWheel to inspire a love for learning and encourage creative expression among students. “I am so happy to see so many students get excited about reading” says Student Support Coordinator Susie Ledbetter. “These teachers are going all out and it is a huge competition between some of the grade levels, while others are working together on their pumpkins. This is something these students will remember for the rest of their lives. They will be able to tell their children about this, and they will remember the book, the story and most importantly the lesson! And hopefully along the way, it will spark a greater desire to keep reading!”


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