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America’s Promise Alliance Welcomes SparkWheel

LAWRENCE, KS - SparkWheel is proud to announce its invitation to join the esteemed ranks of America’s Promise Alliance (the Alliance), an organization dedicated to advancing the well-being and success of young people across the nation. Among only 96 organizations chosen nationwide, SparkWheel stands as a beacon of excellence in education, workforce development, and civic engagement.

As stated by the Alliance, SparkWheel will be part of "a community of the most inspiring organizations working in education, workforce, and in our democracy." This membership presents an exceptional opportunity for SparkWheel to amplify its impact on a national scale, fostering collaborations and initiatives that prioritize the needs of youth and communities.

The Alliance offers an invaluable platform for practitioner engagement, providing access to leadership training, capacity-building resources, and opportunities for collective action on critical issues such as policy reform and shared research. With a focus on education, post-secondary to workforce pathways, youth civic engagement, and social sector equity, the Alliance aligns closely with SparkWheel's mission and values.

For 25 years, America’s Promise Alliance has been at the forefront of collective impact work, galvanizing organizations and communities to address the most pressing challenges facing young people. The launch of the reimagined Alliance community marks a pivotal moment in the organization's history, ushering in a new era of collaboration and innovation to meet the evolving needs of today's youth.

This significant milestone underscores SparkWheel's ongoing commitment to empowering students, nurturing their potential, and creating pathways to success. Through its partnership with the Alliance, SparkWheel looks forward to contributing to a brighter future for all young people across the United States.


About America’s Promise Alliance

Established in 1997, America’s Promise Alliance emerged from The Presidents’ Summit for America’s Future, convened in partnership with five living Presidents (Clinton, Bush, Carter, Ford, and Reagan) and chaired by the late Ret. General Colin Powell. This historic summit galvanized thousands of leaders nationwide, prioritizing strategic investments in youth to address pressing national needs. For 25 years, the Alliance has fostered collaboration among organizations and institutions, achieving impactful outcomes in civic engagement, education, and workforce development. Recognizing the interconnected nature of challenges facing young people, the Alliance convenes powerful collectives to tackle critical issues collectively. Learn more at


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