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Academic Support

About our Academic Supports

SparkWheel provides academic support to students to facilitate student success in the classroom. Motivational support, accountability check-ins, and building study skills and habits are some ways Student Support Coordinators support students’ academic success.


  • Academic Incentive

  • Afterschool Programming

  • Grade Check

  • Homework Help

  • Lunch Buddies

  • Math Literacy

  • Mobile Library

  • Online Classes

  • Parent Communication

  • Peer Tutoring

  • Reading Program

  • Save Your Grades

  • Summer School Assistance

  • Test Preparation

of our 2022-2023
case-managed students with academic goals saw improvement 

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See This Support In Action

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Success Story

At SparkWheel, we understand the power of literacy in shaping a student's success. To address this, our Student Support Coordinator, Megan Broyles at William Allen White Elementary School, joined forces with a local group of retired school personnel to introduce the Reading Buddy program.


This heartwarming initiative brings volunteers into the school every week to share the joy of reading with students from Kindergarten to 5th Grade, both in small groups and individually. Although new to the school this year, the program has made a significant impact. Volunteers, school staff, and students have all embraced it with enthusiasm.


The Reading Buddy program not only enhances students' literacy skills but also ignites a passion for reading. It's a profound concept that fosters educational growth and builds special bonds. At SparkWheel, we're committed to creating opportunities for every student to thrive.


With partners and volunteers, we're opening doors to a brighter, more literate future, one story at a time. This program demonstrates the transformative power of sharing stories.


It shows that, with support and a love for learning, every student can unlock their full potential. 

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Contact our Program Operations Department for more information on how we help Ignite Student Success! Or click one of the icons below to learn about another support.

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