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Future Preparation

About our Future Preparation

SparkWheel helps students learn to connect the dots between education and their future.  Through activities like career fairs, FutureNow: Finance, Alumni Allies Network, and mock interviews, our Student Support Coordinators enable students to make informed decisions about their future, explore career pathways, and be well-prepared to pursue their aspirations.


  • ACT/SAT Preparation

  • Alumni Allies Enrollment

  • Career Fair

  • College Application Assistance

  • Day on the Job Events

  • FAFSA Assistance

  • FutureNow: Finance

  • Job Shadowing

  • Job Skills Training/Workshops

  • Mock Interviews

  • Resume Writing Assistance

  • Scholarship Assistance

  • STEM Group

of Seniors receiving indivdiualized services during 2022-2023 graduated
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See This Support In Action

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Success Story

When one of our Student Support Coordinators (SSCs) asked a group of students about their plans after high school she was surprised when all of them replied, "I don't know yet!"


She spoke to the group, explained her role with SparkWheel, and asked if they wanted more assistance with college preparation. She informed the students about all the college prep events taking place in the school.


Additionally, the SSC partnered with the College Adviser at the high school and set each student up with a college or technical school tour and FASFA enrollment assistance.


Students and the SSC gather quarterly for a lunch meeting to discuss their post-graduate plans and to answer any questions they may have had. 


Eight students have already submitted their applications for college admission, and a few have asked for further assistance with FASFA. 

Learn More!

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