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Attendance Interventions

About our Attendance Interventions

Consistent school attendance is a foundational element of student success.  Through regular attendance checks, transportation support, and rewards and recognition programs SparkWheel works with students and caregivers to help students be in school, on time, every day.


  • Attendance Incentives

  • Daily Attendance Check

  • Guidance

  • Monthly Attendance Check

  • Other Attendance Intervention

  • Transportation Support

  • Truancy Prevention

  • Weekly Attendance Check

of our 2022-2023
case-managed students with attendance goals saw improvement 

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See This Support In Action

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Success Story

SparkWheel Student Support Coordinators (SSC) understand the importance of addressing their students' basic and mental health needs to help them succeed in the classroom.


One student, Malika*, was falling behind in classes and had significant issues with attendance and truancy. Our SSC stepped in and began meeting with Malika, and she revealed that she was struggling with depression and anxiety that was causing a lack of motivation to get out of bed, much less to come to school. Together, they worked out a plan to focus on her mental health and get her back on track with her classes and attendance.


Within the first semester, the SSC worked to transport this student to several medical appointments and obtain much-needed mental health services. Malika began thriving and was able to pass all of her classes the first semester and raise her attendance to 90%! By the second semester, Malika had worked hard enough that she was able to qualify to enroll in the alternative school program where she takes online classes in the morning and can work her part-time job in the afternoons.


The student continues to thrive in her classes and is now on track to graduate on time or potentially even earlier than expected!


Without the help of SparkWheel, Malika believes she would not be where she is today and is so thankful for all of the support she has received. 

*Name has been changed and a stock image used to protect the identity of the student.

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