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Enrichment Activities

About our Enrichment Activities

Through SparkWheel supports, students can experience more of what the world has to offer.  Activities such as field trips, community service initiatives, multicultural events, and engaging guest speakers, provide opportunities to explore new experiences, connect with their peers, and broaden their horizons. These enrichment activities foster a well-rounded education and empower students to become active and responsible members of their communities.


  • Aftershool Program

  • Art Contest/Education

  • Civic Event

  • Community Service Project

  • Cultural Awareness/Enrichment

  • Drug Prevention Event

  • Field Trips

  • Girls on the Run

  • Motivational Speakers

  • Peer Mentoring

  • Running Club

  • School Carnival

  • Service Learning Project

  • Student of the Month

  • Student Raffle

  • Student Volunteering

  • Walk to School Day

community partners who participated in activities during the 2022-2023 school year
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Success Story

Our vision is a world where barriers do not stand in the way of possibilities. Unfortunately, many of the students we work with face daunting obstacles with limited resources.


One such obstacle is dealing with a parent or guardian who is incarcerated. Having a jailed parent or guardian can negatively impact our students' perception of law enforcement and the judicial system. Our Student Support Coordinator at Anadarko East Elementary School aspired to repair this broken relationship between her students and the law enforcement officers in her town.


She reached out to her town's Chief of Police and arranged for Police Officers to visit the school weekly. During the visits, the officers build relationships with the students by telling stories, explaining about the different equipment they use, and showing them police vehicles.


By building this positive relationship with police officers at the elementary school level, our SSC is hopeful that understanding, trust, and compassion will flourish within her community. These relationships will, in turn, reduce criminal tendencies that can arise in adolescence. With this increased respect and understanding, our children will develop a stronger sense of who they are and the importance of education and bettering our community. 

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