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Life Skills

About our Life Skills

SparkWheel works to equip students with the life skills that are critical for their success in both academics and life beyond the classroom. This encompasses effective communication, decision-making abilities, leadership skills, and self-confidence development, among others. By nurturing these life skills, we empower students to navigate challenges, build meaningful relationships, and become well-rounded individuals who can thrive in various aspects of their lives.  


  • Character Development

  • Communication Skills

  • Cultural Awareness

  • Decision Making Skills

  • Developmental Relationships

  • Executive Functioning Development

  • Interpersonal Skills Development

  • Leadership Training

  • Lunch Group

  • Mentoring

  • Peer Mediation

  • Relationship Skills

  • Self-Confidence Development

  • Support Group

of students with developmental milestone goals made improvements during 2022-2023
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See This Support In Action

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Success Story

Our SparkWheel Student Support Coordinator (SSC) was approached by the principal, counselor, teacher, and paraprofessional with their concern about *Micah, a new student, at the beginning of the school year.


Micah struggled to communicate with others and lacked social skills. He wasn’t particularly excited to come to school.


The SSC developed a plan to work with Micah and form a relationship. The SSC also encouraged school personnel to approach him one-on-one to form a more trusting relationship.


At first, Micah said little to no words and hardly showed any emotion. After a few one-on-one interactions with his SSC, teachers, and paraprofessionals, Micah started to show improvement in his communication, social skills, and academics.


He started to open up more and was able to have conversations with adults. The SSC also engaged with this student’s family to build a trusting relationship with them, too.


Micah is now much more excited to come to school. 

*Name has been changed and a stock photo used to protect the student's identity.

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