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Essential Needs

About our Essential Needs

SparkWheel is committed to supporting students by addressing essential needs that affect overall physical and mental well-being and success. Essential Needs Supports are available at all three levels of the SparkWheel Integrated Student Supports Model. Essential Needs include necessities such as food, clothing, personal care, and school supplies, as well as referrals to outside agencies, help with specialized education supplies, assistance with emergency needs navigation, and limited direct help with housing, utilities, and transportation.


  • Clothing Assistance

  • Dental Care Assistance

  • Emergency Housing

  • Emergency Needs Navigations

  • Eye Glasses

  • Food Assistance

  • Haircuts

  • Healthcare Assistance

  • Holiday Assistance

  • Hygiene Education

  • In-School Dental Clinic

  • Medical Insurance Assistance

  • Mental Health Care Referral

  • Nutrition Education

  • Public/Financial Assistance

  • Resource Fair

  • School Supplies Assistance

  • Transportation Assistance

  • Utility Assistance

total number of essential needs items provided to students and their families during the 2022-2023 school year
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See This Support In Action

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Success Story

A recent experience underscores SparkWheel's dedication to holistic student support.


It began with *Lyndsey, a sixth-grade student who came to the school nurse with mouth pain. This seemingly simple issue revealed deeper challenges – Lyndsey’s family was awaiting KanCare and had no current dental insurance.


SparkWheel stepped in. We reached out to MainStreet Dental, urgently conveying the family's predicament. The response was swift. Lyndsey was seen within two days for a dental evaluation.


What makes this story exceptional is its heartwarming extension. During Lyndsey’s appointment, her father, a single parent to four children under 10, opened up about his struggles accessing dental care.


This conversation triggered a powerful response from SparkWheel. We provided the family with dental hygiene products, ensuring they had the necessary resources to maintain their oral health. Moreover, MainStreet Dental offered free dental care to Lyndsey’s three siblings.


The beauty of this tale lies in its collective compassion. Every aspect of dental care was provided without financial strain, allowing this dedicated father and his family to prioritize their oral health.


Lyndsey’s unique dental needs will be addressed by a specialist, and her father is now one step closer to securing KanCare cards.


This story encapsulates SparkWheel's commitment to students and their families – to support them in every aspect of their well-being. It is a reminder that together, we can conquer life's challenges and make a lasting impact. We stand by this family, ensuring they receive the care they deserve. 

*Name has been changed and a stock photo used to protect the student's identity.

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